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Friday, January 6, 2012

Living A Life of Luxury

I suppose it's all in our perspective huh? I have days where I think "Oh it would be so awesome to be able to get a massage every day or have a personal chef" because that's what I consider to be a 'luxury'.

But to others having enough money at the end of the month to buy something that isn't a 'necessity' for living is a luxury. And still there are others who have so much that the only thing they consider a luxury anymore is having 3 lake houses and a winter home instead of just 1!

Life has been hard these last few months. I've complained, whined, been hurt, hurt others, worried, been anxious and down right terrified of where in the world MY world is headed. More times than I can count I have thought the words "If only______". But that's not really productive thinking. Dreaming about winning the lottery and running away to Ireland (yes...I dream that) isn't going to get my life on track. It will only distract me from my woes for a moment.

I could say "If Only" until my face turns blue and Panera starts actually cooking their eggs all the way (less than impressed with my breakfast today...) but I'm not going to magically wake up and find my life to be all easy and peachy and princess-y. I have to remember to make my RIGHT NOW easy and peachy and princess-y.


I need to find me some!

God created this life for me to live and learn and grow in. I need to get to thanking Him for it and start ENJOYING IT!!

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